Joomla modules vs WordPress widgets

In the latest part of our series comparing Joomla! and WordPress, we dig deeper into the functionalities included with widgets and modules, and how they fit with the key philosophies of their respective CMS’ development.

Content Creation and Management: Joomla vs WordPress

In part 3 of our series comparing Joomla and WordPress, we start exploring content creation, seeing how each CMS manages its frontpage and produces the content that will drive a website’s popularity.

Find out what technologies a site is running in seconds, including CMS, Webserver, JavaScript and more

One of the ways that we grow as developers is by discovering new solutions and options, and one of the best ways to do this is to investigate what your favorite websites rely on. This might seem like a challenge, but with some simple plugins and a bit of know-how, you can discover all sorts of interesting information, including which CMS, JavaScript libraries, webserver, programming language and others a given website utilizes, even without admin access.

Comparing Joomla and WordPress: Nomenclature

In this new article series we’ll be looking at the key differences between the two most popular CMSs; Joomla and WordPress, starting with a look at their different naming conventions and what it tells us about their focus.

10-Minute WordPress Plugin Tests

WordPress offers a ton of plugins on its repository; big, small; complex, simple; there’s something to meet every need. However, sometimes finding something new is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this new series, we’ll be doing quick reviews of a selection of plugins each week, so maybe you’ll find something new and interesting to play with!

More useful (but less well-known) WordPress plugins

In the third part of our round-up of useful WordPress plugins that aren’t as well-known as the big-hitters, we cover security-enhancing plugins that help you keep track of vulnerabilities, plugins for improving your site’s functionality for the user, and clever little plugins for total control of widget placement. It’s an eclectic mix, so read on and discover some of the more useful plugins on the WordPress repository.