10-Minute WordPress Plugin Tests

WordPress offers a ton of plugins on its repository; big, small; complex, simple; there’s something to meet every need. However, sometimes finding something new is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this new series, we’ll be doing quick reviews of a selection of plugins each week, so maybe you’ll find something new and interesting to play with!

A relative-layman’s look at the News 2 Joomla template

News 2 is the latest premium Joomla template from GavickPro, and as always I’m going to look at it with the eye of someone who doesn’t know that much about Joomla, but knows what he likes. Let’s sally forth, and see what News 2 has up its sleeves (if it had sleeves).

The MO Joomla template strives for freedom

GavickPro’s latest app template, MO, has been released, and individuality is its aim. But what use are customization options if no-one knows about them? Time for a in-depth, yet non-technical, look at the features on offer in this shiny new template. So, as always, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and let’s delve into the wonderful world of Joomla! templates and see what there is to find.

A look at the GavickPro Joomla! template, Game

Our Game Joomla! template has hit the shelves, as it were, and it’s designed to help you spread information about your chosen subject whilst looking rather classy at the same time. We’ve never cared for sitting back and taking it easy, and with Game we’ve incorporated several new features to give an eighth-generation sheen to your site; after all, no-one wants to be left behind in the technology race.