Weekend Updates: 3 Joomla templates and 5 extensions updated for Joomla 3.8.2

This week, we have released 3 more Joomla templates: Quark, University and Events updated for Joomla 3.8.2, 3rd party extensions upgrade and bug fixes. 5 modules are also updated for Joomla 3.8.2 compatibility : News Show Pro GK4, Weather GK4, News Show Pro GK5, Image Show GK4 and Highlighter GK4

Weekend Updates: GK Box Joomla template and 3 Joomla extensions updated

This week, we have released Box Joomla template for Joomla 3.8.2, K2 component, Virtuemart component upgrade and bug fixes. 3 modules are also updated for Joomla 3.8.2 compatibility : Social GK5 module, Metro Grid module and Ratings plugin. Quark Joomla template and more Joomla extensions will be updated by next week.

Technews Joomla template released for Joomla 3.8.1 and bug fixes

Today, we are happy to announce update release for TechNews Joomla Template for Joomla 3.8.1, K2 component upgrade and 20+ bug fixes. We are working on Joomla update, 3rd party extensions upgrade and bug fixes for other templates, releases will be announced soon.

Web Accessibility – how easily can you test your website?

More and more users across the world are gaining access to the internet, and it’s quickly become essential for daily life. For this reason it’s important to ensure that your website meets accessibility guidelines, as failing to make your site welcoming to users with disabilities or impairments is severely limiting your potential audience. In this article we examine two easy-to-use tools that can help you diagnose and correct issues that make your site less accessible than it can be.

Bootstrap 4 alpha – a detailed overview

The Bootstrap developers celebrated its fourth birthday in style by releasing the alpha of the upcoming version 4 of Bootstrap, which packs in a whole lot of improvements. Join us as we look at how Bootstrap has changed.

WordPress 4.3 themes update released

The release of WordPress 4.3 included some major changes in shortcode security and some deprecated features that caused issues in our themes. This latest round of updates fixes these issues and adds a number of changes to make using our themes easier than ever.