Secure your Joomla! website with two-factor authentication

Want to make your Joomla website even more secure? Consider utilizing two-factor authentication, which was added back in Joomla 3.2 and can provide additional security layers that will keep the hackers at bay!

The mysterious ads in Joomla and a surprising discovery

Rather rarely accepts this type of job, because I do not think they necessarily need to my knowledge, because sometimes just ask on the official joomla forum to solve them. But something tempted me, you can call it a challenge. Well, the client reported that his newly created web page appeared a small block of advertising to a website with pirated software. At first I thought maybe someone hacked into his website. Anyway, that was the title of the email, so suggested that I started drill down on…

Interview with IT security specialist James Galczyk; on Joomla, skillsets and practical learning

You may remember from my post that the security issues involved in different people from around the world. The result is that in this group of people are also our countrymen from Poland. Not so long ago, one of the Polish names appeared next to the updates and security vulnerabilities in Joomla 1.7 and (first edition) 2.5. In this way my trail fell on Jacob, with whom I swapped a few words in an interview.

Why still every hacker know my Joomla! better than me ?

Perhaps the biggest advantage and disadvantage of every OpenSource CMS is that anyone can download full source code, from any corner of the earth, at any time, without any restrictions. That’s why, it’s easy for an attacker to determine if your site is running Joomla! All he has to do is to add “/administrator” to the URL and look for the login panel. He knows weak points, sometimes better than you.

Akeeba Backup – security copy and a portal move a Joomla website in a few minutes

Akeeba Backup is a tool which allows you to create security copy of whole Joomla! environment in a fast and easy way. Copies created with with Akeeba Backup help include all files connected with an installation given and database screenshot; so give possibility to move our work to any server which fulfill Joomla requirements.

Joomla! self-defense – protect your page

As we know only a page that does not exist on the Internet is secure. Yes, I know this is a sad truth. Even during a new installation on our well-known domain, we are exposed to potential attack by the hacker. So what to do, how to teach our Joomla! self-defence?