Joomla! self-defense – protect your page

As we know only a page that does not exist on the Internet is secure. Yes, I know this is a sad truth. Even during a new installation on our well-known domain, we are exposed to potential attack by the hacker. So what to do, how to teach our Joomla! self-defence?

There are two effective methods, the first is hidden, not revealing your CMS identity. Thus, most robots, either novice attackers will not know that it has to do with the service made on Joomla!. Of course, current updates to the CMS and extensions not to mention, right?

On JED market you can find some nice extensions (components) that will protect your site against common attacks. Let’s look on a new one, made by a company known for excellent backup component

Admin Tools is a Joomla! extensions bundle which not only makes your site administration easier, but also strives to enhance your site’s security. Among other things, Admin Tools can notify you of new Joomla! updates and install them, fix your files and directories permissions, perform database maintenance, handle custom URL redirection, create a secure .htaccess file and even include an advanced Web Application Firewall to prevent most common attacks against your site.

Akeeba Firewall Tool

There are two editions, Core and Professional. Of course PRO is much better, because it could create a security and performance enhancing .htaccess file and it has Web Application Firewall to block most common threats. In new in the new, upcoming version, programmers add new features. Some of them were my ideas ;).

Here are a few of them:

  • Password verification in administrator password feature,
  • URL Redirection can now handle URLs with query string parameters,
  • Web Application Firewall feature: Email me on administrator area login,
  • Change your database prefix with two clicks (no more jos_) ,
  • Change the default Super Administrator ID (no more 62/42).

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This article was first published December 13th, 2010