Joomla 4 Updates : 6 GavickPro Joomla templates updated

6 GK template updated for Joomla 4 Joomla 4 stable version has been released on 17th August and it`s time to plan for updating the website for Joomla 4. As you know since the Joomla 4 has been introduced we are closely working on it to make the template compatible with Joomla 4 versions. Today we are happy to announce that the 6 GavickPro Joomla templates, GK News Show Pro GK5, Image show GK 4 has been released for Joomla 4 compatibility.

Review : Fitness Joomla Template

Fitness Joomla Template GK Fit – Fitness Joomla template is available for download. The Fitness Joomla template designed gym, yoga clubs and all types of fitness websites. Gk Fit Joomla template comes with built-in pages for Fitness Home, about us, classes list, class details, classes schedule, trainer list, trainer details, pricing, and all Joomla default pages.

Review : App Joomla template – GK App

app & software Joomla Template

GK App – Application Joomla template is available for download. The App Joomla template designed for App, SaaS, software, and digital product businesses. The professional design of the template makes it a complete package for digital applications websites. The template comes with built-in pages for services, service details, Portfolio and project details that help to make a fine showcase for all your digital product applications.

Review : Portfolio Joomla template – GK Folio

Creative Portfolio Joomla template - GK Folio Joomla template

GK Folio – A Creative Portfolio Joomla template is ready for download. Gk Folio template is a dedicated Portfolio, blog, portfolio, personal and resume websites. The template supports additional custom pages: Projects, info, Journal and all default Joomla pages for unique and visually-appealing website experience.

6 Google Chrome features and tips for web developers

Since its introduction in 2008, Google Chrome has grown to become one of the most popular desktop browsers in the world, with some sources placing its market share at around 60%, far outstripping even Internet Explorer. Of course, some of this success can be chalked up to the impressive marketing and promotional power that Google wields, but this can only go so far; the reason it remains popular despite stiff competition is that it offers unique features and integration that other browsers struggle to match.

Faster webpage loading with critical CSS

Websites are getting heavier, with more features, more flashy CSS effects and more content. In this article we look at how you can define critical CSS to make your site’s core CSS and styling load as quickly as possible, giving users the best balance between impressive style and faster access to your site.