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Creative Portfolio Joomla template - GK Folio Joomla template

GK Folio – A Creative Portfolio Joomla template is ready for download. Gk Folio template is a dedicated Portfolio, blog, portfolio, personal and resume websites. The template supports additional custom pages: Projects, info, Journal and all default Joomla pages for unique and visually-appealing website experience.

6 Google Chrome features and tips for web developers

Since its introduction in 2008, Google Chrome has grown to become one of the most popular desktop browsers in the world, with some sources placing its market share at around 60%, far outstripping even Internet Explorer. Of course, some of this success can be chalked up to the impressive marketing and promotional power that Google wields, but this can only go so far; the reason it remains popular despite stiff competition is that it offers unique features and integration that other browsers struggle to match.

Faster webpage loading with critical CSS

Websites are getting heavier, with more features, more flashy CSS effects and more content. In this article we look at how you can define critical CSS to make your site’s core CSS and styling load as quickly as possible, giving users the best balance between impressive style and faster access to your site.

Check if your website is mobile friendly

Since we live in the era of smartphones and mobile devices, our websites should also adjust to the new trends. In this article I will show you how important is to have your website responsive and what surprise google prepared for those who don’t have their websites mobile friendly.

The Best Sublime Text Extensions and Themes Part 2

In this second part of our look at Sublime Text, we check out some themes and color schemes as well as additional extensions that will help you save valuable time during development.

No Captcha; the new, user-friendly reCaptcha

If you’ve done pretty much anything online, you’ve suffered through the often incoherent mess of a reCaptcha in the past. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and user-unfriendly, but thankfully Google are looking to make things better with noCaptcha. Read on, and find out how!

Joomla 3.3 Cloud Storage API – Where is it?

Before the release of Joomla 3.3, there were many new features being promoted. One of these was the Cloud Storage API, that would allow Joomla to integrate with popular cloud storage solutions. Now that the latest release is out, there does not appear to be any new options in the Joomla backend; this article looks to find out what happened to this potentially very useful feature