MeetGavernWP v. 1.9.3 has been released!

A new version of our WordPress framework, MeetGavernWP v. 1.9.3, was released last week. This update fixes some issues that arose due to changes introduced in the latest version of WordPress, version 3.9, and also brings some of its own improvements, which are described below.

Our GavernWP v. 1.9.1 free WordPress framework update has been released!

A new version of our WordPress framework, MeetGavernWP v. 1.9.1, has been released. This update fixes some small issues and contains backend improvements connected with the visually-refreshed WordPress backend implemented in the new version 3.8 of WordPress.

GavernWP WordPress framework Quick Tip #10 Post Additional parameters

Posts and easy management thereof are probably the most important things in WordPress. The typical WordPress post editor offer very limited options for manipulating posts. However, not everyone is aware that all of our WordPress themes have a very useful feature for post management.

GavernWP WordPress theme framework Quick Tip #8 – Editing labels of Custom Post Fields

Some WordPress plugins use custom post fields to store data associated with specific posts. This can be an issue for some users as the expected presentation of a post may be disrupted by these additions, however others may want this data to be visible to the readers. In this case, there is another big issue – standard custom fields’ labels contain numbers, underscores etc… so they aren’t visually appealing.

MeetGavernWP v.1.9 has been released!

A new version of our WordPress framework – MeetGavernWP has been released. This update fixes many small issues and contains a few new features. Additionally, all Quickstart packages have been updated to support WordPress 3.7.1.

Meet GavernWP v.1.7 released!

This release represents our biggest update yet to the GavernWP framework, and is based upon nearly one hundred – 100! – code commits. This update fixes many small issues, and incorporates many new features. The most important features are described in this article, while the complete list may be found in the commits list.

The Meet Gavern WordPress Theme now boasts WPML plugin compatibility!

We have great news for all users needing multi-language support on their WordPress pages: our popular and always free Meet GavernWP theme for WordPress supports the wonderful WPML plugin! This has been possible since version 1.6.2 released February 27th thanks to the advice and testing of the WPML Team!