Meet GavernWP supported now Child Themes

Meet GavernWP v.1.6 provides full support for the Child Themes mechanism. Our users now have the ability to modify a theme without worrying that the theme update will clear out the changes.

Meet GavernWP v.1.6 WordPress Theme Released!

Since version 1.5.2 of our Meet GavernWP theme for WordPress, we have made 54 modifications, including many new features and bug fixes. In this article we introduce the most important new features you will find in this new release.

An Introduction to WordPress Hooks

Hooks are a great way to easily modify the theme code without changing the actual source code. In this article we present a few useful hooks available to you in the GavernWP Framework.

GavernWP Quick Tip #2 – How to Duplicate Front Page Blog Posts

Generally, the frontpage of every WordPress blog presents a list of the latest posts to the blog. Some themes, however, will instead allow different content to be displayed to create a so – called custom frontpage. The GavernWP framework also provides such a mechanism. Using it, instead of displaying blog posts, it is possible to enable the display of widgets from the mainbody position.

Meet GavernWP v.1.5 released!

Meet GavernWP v.1.5 is a next important milestone in our Framework GavernWP development. This version contains numerous fixes and new features.

The most important Meet GavernWP things are listed below:

  • 25 new hooks
  • Adobe Edge Webfonts support
  • Improvements in the Widget Rules
  • GK News Show Pro support
  • GK Tabs support