GavernWP Quick Tip #2 – How to Duplicate Front Page Blog Posts

Generally, the frontpage of every WordPress blog presents a list of the latest posts to the blog. Some themes, however, will instead allow different content to be displayed to create a so – called custom frontpage. The GavernWP framework also provides such a mechanism. Using it, instead of displaying blog posts, it is possible to enable the display of widgets from the mainbody position.

Gavern Framewok mainbody position

So, what if you still want to display a list of the latest blog posts but in a different location? In this case, a Custom Page Template with the “Latest Posts” name will help.

While creating the page, simply choose the appropriate template type.

Choose theme style

This method makes it possible to display the latest posts wherever you want them just as though they were on a frontpage

latest post on frontpage

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to add any additional content to a page when using the “Latest Posts” template.

Feel free to check this tip with our free WordPress Theme – Meet GavernWP.

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This article was first published January 11th, 2013