GavernWP WordPress theme framework Quick Tip #9 Widget styles modifications

Widgets from our themes always contain a few styles to choose from, but sometimes it’s insufficient for your needs and you would like to use a few styles at the same time, or perhaps use your own custom style. Only one widget style may be chosen after clicking the “widget rules” button; you simply select your preferred style by selecting an available widget style from the list: But If you want to use more styles in the same widget, you should select “Custom CSS class” from the list and type the css classes of the styles you require separated by a space, as in the below image: Usually classes are lowercase words separated by a dash “-“. If you are not sure if the spelling is correct, you can check the CSS classes in Theme_directory/gavern/config/widgets.styles.json file. So, how do we use our own CSS class? With the GavernWP Framework this is easy to achieve; simply select “Custom CSS class” and enter your chosen class name e.g. “my-own-class” Then, when you click the save button, your widget will have a .my-own-class CSS class. Every element of your widget can by styled by your css class, of course you should have basic CSS knowledge before you do this. If you are not using the Child Theme Mechanism, then the best place for your new CSS class is Theme_directory/css/override.css file (Remember to enable this option first in the Template Options -> Advanced Tab). e.g. use this CSS selector to style your widget links: a {
 /* CSS properties */ 
Feel free to test out this quick tip using our Free WordPress Theme – Meet GavernWP.  
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This article was first published November 19th, 2013