MeetGavernWP v. 1.9.3 has been released!

A new version of our WordPress framework, MeetGavernWP v. 1.9.3, was released last week. This update fixes some issues that arose due to changes introduced in the latest version of WordPress, version 3.9, and also brings some of its own improvements, which are described below.

The most important change from this update is the modification of the shortcode button in the post editor that was required because of the new version of the TinyMCE editor that is used in WordPress 3.9. If you’ve updated your WordPress to version 3.9 and haven’t updated your GavickPro theme to the latest version, you’ll notice that this shortcode button has disappeared; the addition of the new version of the TinyMCE editor is the root cause of this error. If you’re a developer, you can learn how to add your own button to this new version in this article.

The appearance of the backend and widget configuration has also changed slightly.

BuddyPress also released an update, so we’ve checked and updated our social themes to support this new version of BuddyPress and the rtMedia plugin.

All quickstart packages are now updated to include the latest versions of WP 3.9 , BuddyPress 2.0 and WooCommerce (Version 2.1.7).

There are also many issues from our premium WordPress themes that have been addressed, including:

  • Improved backend responsive view
  • Function to load css styles improved
  • Fixed an error in the featured video function
  • Fixed issue with additional comment options
  • Fixed problem with inset area on very small screens (News2)
  • Fixed problem with the menu when the toolbar is disabled (News2)
  • Fixed Show Read More on Frontpage option (News2)
  • Fixed problem with related posts block on single post (News2)
  • Font Awesome improvements
  • Fixed problem with GK Speakers Widget (Fest)
  • Fixed ImageShow issue on mobile devices (MusicState)
  • Improved bottom section background on mobile devices (MusicState)

All updated themes and changelogs are available via our updates section.

The latest version of our free MeetGavernWP theme is available from our Github repository and our download section. We recommend that you create a full backup before performing any update.

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This article was first published April 23rd, 2014