Meet GavernWP v.1.7 released!

This release represents our biggest update yet to the GavernWP framework, and is based upon nearly one hundred – 100! – code commits. This update fixes many small issues, and incorporates many new features. The most important features are described in this article, while the complete list may be found in the commits list.

RTL Support

Yes, we have added RTL support to the Meet GavernWP theme – the entire theme and its included widgets should now work fine with the RTL-languages.

Font Awesome Support

Meet Gavern now fully supports the amazing CSS-based webfont icons from Font Awesome (see Freely use these icons in widget titles and in your own content.

Added Support for Taxonomies and Custom Post Types in Widget Rules

Taxonomies and Custom Post Types

Widget Rules now supports custom taxonomies and custom post types – particularly useful when using extensions like WooCommerce.

Added Support for Featured Video

Featured Video

Since v1.7, you’ve been able to include custom featured video instead of only a featured image for your posts. Now, you can specify the featured video using the new metabox in the post editor.

Widget Titles May be Hidden Using an Exclamation Mark!

Widget Titles Exclamation Mark


This is a small feature, but nevertheless a very important one – especially if you have a lot of widgets of the same type in the same widget area. Now, placing an exclamation mark (‘’!’’) at the end of certain widget titles will cause them to be hidden from view!

Manipulate Page and Post Params Using Metaboxes

Manipulate Page and Post Params

We’ve added metaboxes which are useful if you want to hide post or page elements like category name, date, author name, featured image, etc. Additionally, for the contact page we’ve prepared additional fields for better contact form fields management:


GK NSP – Support for Tags and Touch Events

The GK NSP widget contains a lot of small improvements, but these two are especially important: you can now display posts based upon tags used and use the swipe gesture for widget pagination.

Added Image Preview for Media Uploaders in Theme Back-end

Image Preview

From now on there is a preview media upload field where you may preview the currently selected image.

CSS and JS Files Queue Rebuilt With the wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script Functions

The CSS and JS files have been recoded to utilize the wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script functions, allowing you to easily use the CSS and JS compression plugins.

Document Outline Improvements

We have significantly improved the document outline – the theme’s HTML structure is much better and more semantic.

New Filters

We’ve added many new filters which may be useful to custom changes, especially the following ones associated with our widgets:

  • gavern_social_api
  • gavern_thumbnail_caption
  • gavern_blog_name
  • gavern_blog_desc
  • gavern_logo_html
  • gavern_meta_description
  • gavern_meta_keywords
  • gavern_og_title
  • gavern_og_image
  • gavern_og_type
  • gavern_og_description
  • gavern_og_url
  • gavern_og_custom
  • gavern_breadcrumb
  • gavern_breadcrumb_home
  • gk_nsp_art_title
  • gk_nsp_art_text
  • gk_nsp_art_image
  • gk_nsp_art_info
  • gk_nsp_art_readmore
  • gk_nsp_link_title
  • gk_nsp_link_text
  • gk_social_fb_link
  • gk_social_gplus_link
  • gk_social_twitter_link
  • gk_social_rss_link
  • gk_tabs_tab
  • gk_tabs_content

We had waited as long as we could for WordPress 3.6 to be released before releasing this edition of the framework, but we could wait no longer. The very next update (v1.8) will be centered around changes to support WordPress 3.6.

Additionally, updates will be released more frequently – around 7-10 weeks. Updates for the premium themes will be available soon.

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This article was first published July 5th, 2013