Attacks on Joomla or WordPress websites are not so complicated

Attacks on websites whose purpose is to block them, they are not complicated. As is generally the weakest element is the irreverent attitude of the administrator or editor of a website.

Attacks on websites are not so complicated

Last weekend was to block several websites. Does not work the following websites: the Polish Parliament, Prime Minister, the Ministry of Culture. Probably for this state of affairs is responsible Internet hacker group Polish Underground. Worse was also stolen the admin password, which made public on the group forum (login: admin, password admin1), as shown in managing IT servers administration did not show a fairly good knowledge and has not secured enough to access the management panel.

I wonder what it looks like the recruitment of professionals to serve in the offices of key areas – according to the knowledge and skills, or simply companionship ? So childishly simple password, demonstrates a lack of elementary knowledge of administrators in the network security issues. If the servers of the Polish Government, were so easy to break security, and virtually anyone could hack into your account stealing your valuable data.

Other popular passwords (unfortunately) are different combinations of numbers and letters of the alphabet such as “123456” or “abc123”. The great popular are also a password system that use letters on your keyboard like “qwerty” or “qazwsx”. It is scary to think, or some other party to the Polish government (and others) have this type of password.

The attacks, which occurred on several government websites over the weekend, are called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). They rely on blocking websites. Are using the right software simple to implement, a number of people arranges is which server will block and begins to connect with him. We could compare it to a situation in which a crowd of people trying to get through the narrow door. As a result, the server and the website no longer work.

These attacks were associated with scheduled by the Government activities aimed to sign the (widely criticized) ACTA.

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This article was first published January 24th, 2012