Delete files permanently on your Joomla or WordPress server with Zer0

The security of our data should not be limited to prevent access by outsiders to these. It should also be aware that deleted data can be recovered on the discs if they are not disposed of conveniently.

Delete files permanently with Zer0 To help you in the process of deleting files securely you can use Zer0, a user friendly file deletion tool with a high level of security and quick to use.

With Zer0 will be able to delete all files permanently from your records, without having to worry about choosing algorithms or disposal that not everyone understands.

This application is extremely simple to use and requires nothing more than simply dragging the files you want to delete your interface. In carrying out this process will have access to information on the way and on their size. After stating all the files you want to delete, only have to press the “Delete” button.

The Zer0 is prepared to deal with large files, by using parallel processing procedures, which prevents the application to become unresponsive or block.Although not specified in the developers website which the algorithm used for file deletion, the developers was chosen to indicate a high security.

At the end of the file deletion process, the Zer0 displays a message indicating that the task finished without any problems and also displays a message with the end result of the elimination line in each file.

Ensure any additional security to your data when dealing with the disposal permanently. Almost everyone knows simple way’s how some software can recover lost data that was wont to be eliminated.

The advantage of Zer0 over its competitors is the ease of use, simplicity of its interface and the fact that dealing with large files without charging any processing problem. According to their developers, so far, no user reported an efficient method to recover a file deleted by Zer0. Finally, i must draw your attention that during the installation process, you will be asked to install other applications, such as search engines, etc.. advertising applications that end up being a bit annoying. Therefore, when installing, be careful and avoid check box options.

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This article was first published February 9th, 2012