Adding custom fields in the WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is one of the biggest additions to WordPress for many years, providing new ways to integrate WordPress into the digital world. With this guide, we’ll help you add custom fields to REST API responses to better manage data requests.

How to overwrite WooCommerce elements in WordPress themes

With the power of the WordPress child themes feature you can modify key theme files without affecting the originals, but with plugins its usually another story. However, WooCommerce includes a similar functionality to make customization even easier; find out how in this simple yet useful tutorial.

WordPress Admin Menu breaks in latest version of Chrome

Several users of the Chrome browser have reported an issue with the dashboard menu after the latest Chrome update; thankfully, there’s a few simple fixes you can use to get around the problem, and they only take a minute or two to apply.

WordPress 4.3 themes update released

The release of WordPress 4.3 included some major changes in shortcode security and some deprecated features that caused issues in our themes. This latest round of updates fixes these issues and adds a number of changes to make using our themes easier than ever.

Issues caused by WordPress Shortcode API Changes

The WordPress shortcode API received a large security update with the release of WordPress 4.2.3, and many users have reported issues with using some shortcodes on their website since. Get clued up on what’s going on, and how you can workaround this issue.

Make your WordPress site more secure with these five great plugins

For WordPress, If there’s one problem with being the most popular CMS on the planet, it’s the constant attacks from exploiters looking for vulnerabilities in its plugins and themes. Read on and find out how you can make your site as safe as possible.

Include WooCommerce options in the WordPress Customizer for robust theme customization

WooCommerce isn't just a popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress; it's THE ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Its success makes it the ideal choice as your sales platform when building an online shop theme for your customers, and by leveraging the core components in this article you can add WooCommerce customization options directly in the Customizer for simple, intuitive changes.

Using WP_Query to pull and display WooCommerce Products

WP_Query provides an effective means for finding and displaying posts, but did you know it can also be used to pull your WooCommerce products too? In this article, we’ll look at how this works and provide some great examples to help you create a varied, enticing storefront.