Discover the new features in WordPress 4.3

The first beta version of WordPress 4.3 was released a few days ago, and if everything goes to plan and works as it should the final (stable) version will be released around August 18. Let’s take a look at the new features we’ll be seeing in this latest release.

Removing Emoji from your WordPress site in seconds

Each release of WordPress includes a slew of new features, but the last major update to WordPress 4.2 included a new feature; Emoji. These characters are functionally similar to emoticons, but are technically different. Fun though they are, however, there’s a downside; every page has extra code to load even if you’re not using the feature, which isn’t good for weight-conscious web developers! In this article we’ll look at how to disable the feature quickly and completely.

Adding a header slideshow to the Steakhouse WordPress theme

Want to add another bit of flair to your SteakHouse WordPress theme header? Previously we’ve looked at adding a background video to the header, but today we’ll look at adding a background slideshow to the header using a slideshow plugin and some clever little CSS tricks.

More obscure but useful WordPress Plugins

Following on from the first part highlighting obscure but useful WordPress plugins comes another article packed with other interesting finds from off the beaten path, including a plugin to help you optimize your site and another to keep you informed of updates.

Try out our freshly-updated free GK Portfolio theme!

A year is a long time in WordPress terms, and our free Portfolio theme has gone from strength to strength. In this article we cover some of the amazing new features we’ve introduced over the past twelve months to make this theme one of the most user-friendly free products available, with options that even a beginner will find intuitive and user-friendly.

Cookie banner, social media improvements come with a new Quark WordPress Theme

The WordPress version of Quark steps up to the plate with a brand new set of features, bugfixes and improved options all included in v.1.1.1 of the theme, available for download now. In this article we cover some of the great new features, like Cookie Law banners, improved social media links and page loaders for a pleasant user site experience.

Important security update for our WordPress themes released

A recently-discovered vulnerability caused by inadvertent misinformation in the WordPress Codex has been patched in our latest set of WordPress theme updates; if you're using our themes it's important to update now. Read on and find out how!

Managing your WordPress Comment options

WordPress Comments provide a valuable resource for connecting with your userbase and community building, but there’s always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes you just don’t want any comments on your site, or need to limit comments on a particular page to enhance your brand image or limit confusion. In this guide we’ll discuss how to do all this and more!

Useful WordPress plugins you probably don’t know about

The WordPress Plugin Repository is big. Really big. Which makes it hard to find the diamonds in the rough; every search you do will bring up potentially hundreds of matches, each with similar functionality and varying quality. In this article we take our pick of some of the little-known but useful plugins we’ve discovered on our travels, and let you know how to put them to use on your website.

WordPress 4.2 is coming, with some great new features

There’s a brand new version of WordPress sneaking up for release in April 2015, and with the release of the second beta we can be pretty sure that the feature list is pretty much set in stone, so there’s no better time to cut loose and see what great new features and tweaks WordPress 4.2 has to offer.