The future for GavickPro

We’ve been at this a long time; it seems like a lifetime ago that Gavick put out its first, flash-based theme back in 2007. At the time it was just a couple of people trying to put their hobby to good use; it wasn’t really expected to grow quite as much as it did. Over time our team and experience grew; flash-based websites went the way of the dodo as our focus shifted to creating modern Joomla! and WordPress themes that used all the emerging concepts and technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, responsive design and parallax effects; things move quickly in the online world, so there was always something new to learn.

However, in time came new challenges; the Joomla! install base that we relied on to maintain our services often fluctuated, severely impacting revenues and taking a heavy toll on our team. Many moved on to other projects to find a more stable environment, which meant that we were unable to maintain the regular content releases that we’d established in the past.

These issues have now come to a head, and it is simply not viable for GavickPro to continue in its current form. For this reason, we have decided to exit the template development business. However, we believe that our users deserve more, so we’ve been looking at ways that we could withdraw from the theme marketplace whilst still leaving our existing customers in good hands.

Gavickpro + Joomlart

Thankfully, JoomlArt, leading Joomla templates and extension developer, with whom we have worked closely in the past have gladly accepted our proposal of acquisition and also to extend more benefits to our members.

Who are JoomlArt?

If you’re familiar with the Joomla! template space, then you’ve most certainly heard of JoomlArt. They are one of the premier template and extension providers on the web today, providing a wide range of products to meet the needs of a diverse userbase. JoomlArt currently is the biggest Joomla Company with their recent acquisition of JomSocial and iJoomla and we strongly believe that our user’s interests will be best served by aligning with Joomlart. In the past, GavickPro has worked closely with the JoomlArt team and even used their popular T3 framework in some of our templates.

With this acquisition , GavickPro brand will come under the JoomlArt umbrella, both as a separate entity but part of the wider company and community.

All user accounts will be terminated on 18th October 2017

Unfortunately, EU privacy laws complicate the transition. As EU law prohibits the transfer of user details to JoomlArt despite their taking ownership of the website, all existing user accounts will be terminated, and all of their information including names, addresses, contact details and payment history, the same as newsletter data will be deleted from the database. This means that once JoomlArt begin administering the GavickPro website it will essentially be starting afresh.

Existing Gavick users can download and obtain support via the support forum till 18th October 2017. All new GavickPro with updated pricing, benefits, integrations will be unveiled by JoomlArt Team on 19th October 2017.

What happens to your membership plans?

Effective from 18th October under my ownership (Robert Gavick) ceases business activities and all user accounts and plans stand terminated on 18th October 2017. JoomlArt is allowed acquistion of only Products and site systems.

However, looking toward the inconvenience this is to bring to our users and their sites, we have requested and reached understandings with JoomlArt to provide the following benefits to Gavick users:

  • Lifetime Memberships – lifetime download access, 6 months of updates and lifetime support through ticket system only.
  • Users with purchases between 31st March 2017 – 18 Oct 2017 – 6 months access till April 30th 2017.
  • All Theme Package plan users – Can download all themes packages (versions released till 18th October 2017 only) by logging in till 18th October 2017. After that please raise Support Ticket to get download link.
  • Gavick Support Plan for $39 – All Gavick users will be provided Pro Plan (Access to All Joomla and WordPress themes).

What do I need to do?

JoomlArt have posted details on this acquisition information page on what existing users will need to do in order to ensure their account is restored post 19th October 2017.

The GavickPro Website

Ownership of the GavickPro website will be transferred to JoomlArt, who will take over all aspects on GavickPro operations and renew services whilst retaining GavickPro as a separate brand entity from JoomlArt. All listed products will once again be actively supported and updated and new Gavick templates will be released. In addition, the Gavick-trained support moderators will continue to be available to assist active users with their technical issues. However, a new pricing structure will be introduced; details will be made available at relaunch.

A final thank you

It’s been a long, fascinating road, filled with wonderful memories. Before we close out this chapter of Gavick’s history we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all our customers, past and present. The reason we put so much effort into our work was to make our customers happy; we hope that we achieved that goal! Over the years we’ve worked with some amazing, skilled people, and we wish them success in the future.

If you require custom theme or website development, or would like to have one of GavickPro’s themes updated privately for your own needs, you may contact TidyCustoms; several of our former team members provide services there and are intimately familiar with our theme structures. Some of our team have gone on to create the new static website desktop CMS, Publii, which is currently in beta and which may be of interest to users that are looking to build a fast, static site without the hassle of complex generators such as Jekyll.

Thank you, once again, for your support over the last ten years, and here’s to ten more!

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This article was first published October 4th, 2017