Google Maps API – Become Cheaper

Can we talk about failure of another Google? People do not want to pay for something that was so far free. Company from Mountain View failed to maintain current prices for access to the Google Maps API.

Google Defends Users on the Wild, Wild Web

Here is a sobering statistic: On a daily basis, Google identifies about 9500 dangerous websites (nearly 300,000 per month!) — triple the number found only two years ago. Threats detected include sites which distribute malware and those involved with phishing for personal information. Niels Provos, a member of the Google security team, recently announced this through their blog.

The Evolving Web User

The popularity of certain websites, particularly news-related sites, has been on the decline. This is largely due to the proliferation of websites competing for attention. I believe the number of users regularly using a single news or information portal is not declining, but rather that visitors are not committed to remaining for very long at the same information site.

The Web is for Seniors, Too!

It has become common knowledge that the Internet can help to improve one’s quality of life and even allow for personal development. However, we typically associate the functions and services enabled through the Web as being for the younger crowd – the modern generation.

How to Web Developer under Android Tablet

Although the tablets were not originally designed for advanced web developers work, but if you have a screen larger than 7, and access to Google Play some of the work you can do with this mobile device.

What About Web Forms?

Online forms have become a primary interface for netizens, and they exist for numerous purposes. Web forms may be categorized by level of complexity, which include:

Opera Mini will be more popular than Safari ?

Safari is the most popular browser used in mobile phones and tablets – recorded in May, a decrease in market share. Thanks to this in the charts has gained Android browser and Opera Mini.

Chrome Now Most Popular Web Browser

A recent StatCounter study covering the period of May 14 through 20, 2012 proves what many of us already suspected: Google Chrome is now the most popular Web browser in the world! Chrome’s user base is estimated to be at 32.76% of the market, overtaking the previous leader – Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – which had enjoyed a 31.94% market share prior to its decline in recent weeks.

Adobe Creative Cloud Available At Last!

According to today’s announcement, this online service is now available. Services include a collection of applications from Creative Suite 6 – on sale beginning Monday; applications for the tablet; additional Internet software and services; and, Muse and Edge Preview.