Opera Mini will be more popular than Safari ?

Safari is the most popular browser used in mobile phones and tablets – recorded in May, a decrease in market share. Thanks to this in the charts has gained Android browser and Opera Mini.

Data from Net Applications show that in May, Safari had 63.24 percent. market share – by 0.6 points. percent. less than in April. By contrast, the browser built into Android and Opera Mini grew at the same time respectively from 18.87 percent to 19.2 percent and 12.05 percent. to 12.43 percent. Next on the list was the BlackBerry Browser (1.63 per cent. – An increase of 0.01 percentage points compared to April) and Symbian (1.05 percent – a decrease of 0.27 percentage points).

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The iPad and iPhone have been close in browsing share for the last several months. However, upon the release of the latest version of the iPad, its share has accelerated and now tops iPhone share 33.7% to 27.4%.

Interestingly, up to 189.6 million people were using, in April this year, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile to access the Internet from a mobile phone. This is 47.8 percent more compared to the same period last year – according to the latest edition of the report ‘State of the Mobile Web’ by Opera Software.

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This article was first published June 6th, 2012