MemSQL – 80 000 Queries per Second

Two former Facebook developers have created a new database (MemSQL) that they say is the world’s fastest and a video to demonstrate its superiority compared to MySQL.

MemSQL – 80 000 Queries per Second

See demonstation video at: – this video showing MySQL versus MemSQL.

MemSQL is database that removes the most common bottleneck most applications hit today: disk. That’s why is thirty times faster than conventional disk-based databases. By offering a familiar relational interface to an in-memory data tier, MemSQL empowers developers with the technology web-scale companies use to cope with massive traffic and growth. MemSQL offers orders of magnitude improvements in write and read performance and greatly simplifies application development and maintenance.

We all agree that the result is impressive. The essential question is – how much of it the truth, and how clever matching queries? Authoritative test result is the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), but this has not yet been performed.

MemSQL is fully compatible with MySQL, which gives some indication of the potential audience. So far, no details of the license fee for commercial use seem to be available. For more Information visit: MemSQL

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This article was first published June 28th, 2012