Interesting and useful extensions for Joomla

As they say, the strength of each CMS is in the community and a large number of extensions that you can use in your web projects.

Interesting and useful extensions for J1.7

  1. Login to Read More – this small plugin can displays custom Login to Read More message, when not logged in user visit a article. You can also set the custom Login URL if you don’t want to use default. To help SEO of yours website you can specify which search engine bot will allow to visit full article.
  2. Article Auto Manager – if you were looking for the ability to automatically move published articlesfrom category A to another category B after a certain time, for example: one month, or week – that this plugin is right for you. This plugin have more manage features: remove from featured page, archive, unpublish, trash and delete from database. You can choose from two m ethods age (hour, day, week, month, year) or count.
  3. OSContent – with this component you can quickly delete/create multiple articles and categories at one time. You can even create menu items for the newly created content. It also comes with edition some parameters (published, access level, author, date…) and a WYSIWYG Editor (enable it within the options). This extension was forked from MassContent ( because for long time it was only available for Joomla 1.5.
  4. BlogPing – the ping message is sent to different Update Servers of your choice, which in turn processes your ping to make your new post show up in different blog listings like Technorati and Google Blogs for example. The more you let everyone know you have new content on your site , the more traffic to your site you’ll expect. A ping also notifies different search engines that your site has updated.
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This article was first published November 27th, 2011