If you are using the K2 Joomla extension you will love this

K2 for Joomla! 1.5 offers many opportunities, but still found that there are other extensions that help you to use it. Let’s look at some of them.

Admin Menu K2

K2 Admin Menu Demo This is new module who offers a full Joomla backend admin menu module with support for K2 Content/Articles. This small extensions basically removes the default backend menu which would normally allow you to select Joomla content such as articles, categories, sections etc. So if your client is using only K2 for content creation, then this will prevent then from accidentally creating Joomla content instead of K2. But remeber to: change it’s position to menu and unpublish Admin menu module (mod_menu) and Admin Quick Icons (mod_quickicon), for Joomla Content.


MultiAds for K2

This plugin will allow you to add extra content (as Images, Text, HTML or even Google Ad codes) into a K2 item, in up 5 different positions, ideal for adding Ads just as the name suggests.


News Show Pro module

News Show Pro One of best tools (module) to present articles – exposure news. It has huge numer of options and possibilities of formatting which can make your web pages content attractive. News Show Pro is appropriate while preparing simple structures with an individual article, the same as, complex arrangements including few articles and a list of links. Support for K2 component allows the user to choose between using a standard Joomal! article manager and K2 component. It also have support for K2 Store component.

News Show Pro

DM K2 Articles Filter

This a component that lets your visitors filter K2 content by Category, Title and Date. Results are displayed in a list of articles linked (with SEF urls) to their content.


JA K2 Filter and Search

This module to provide the search and filter feature for K2 Component based on extra fields parameters.


DM K2 Article List PRO

This extension allows you to list K2 article titles in a Joomla module. You can choose to list titles belonging to a category or containing a particular keyword; in addition, the module can show a link in the bottom part, the articles’ creation date, and it can use different layouts according to your needs. This extensions is totally compatible with JoomFish!


K2 Store

This a simple & free shopping cart extension for k2. It has Paypal/authorize.net Payment plugins and Attachment Downloads on order completion.


K2 User Plugin

It assigns the users automatically to a K2 group. If you use other extension for users handling (like JomSocial, VirtueMart and similar), the users do not have any K2 user group assigned. And then this small modification solves that issue. The user is automatically assigned to the registered users group in K2 (or other if you set it in the plugin parameters). This plugin does the trick for newly registered users only.


K2 notify admin

Demo k2 notyfication This plugin which lets you add notification emails to K2 categories. When a registered user submits or edits content to that K2 category, the email addresses you store with the K2 category will be notified and a link sent to them in an email to approve the k2item. It can be used to track additions and updates in a portal, with multiple users. Allows the inclusion of multiple e-mails of destination. It is GPL Licenced and free to download.


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This article was first published May 31st, 2011