jomsocial 2.2.1 fontpage.index.php closing </div> tag missing?

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Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:31 pm
On the main community page with 2.2.1, the bottom is getting messed up because a closing div is missing... I'm not sure what the problem is; The frontpage.index.php file contains 81 <div> and 81 </div> tags. But, if I add another </div> to the end of the file, this fixes the issue. Only the page that includes frontpage.index.php code is messed up (e.g. the main frontpage of jomsocial) and all of the other pages look fine.

Can anyone confirm? What does your shiny new installation of 2.2.1 look like on the main page? Any weirdness at the bottom?
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