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What we do?

We create templates that provide the informative layout and rich design that you need to make your site stand out. Of course, your site needs features, so we build modules and plugins to provide slick functionality and support other major extensions from popular third-party developers for a well-rounded product.

Our pricing plans are the best value in the business; every sub includes all our themes with no domain restrictions and no limits on customization for total freedom, backed-up with a robust support network to guide you on your way.

We’re also tech geeks, and we love discovering and implementing new concepts and tools into our products.

Our social channels are frequently updated with a wealth of interesting links and tools that we’ve hunted down on the web, and we add new articles to our blog and documentation weekly with guides, tutorials or other fun posts that can be used to make your site stand out.

We love our community, so we make sure that our plugins and extensions are open-source and free to use, and we maintain a selection of free themes so newcomers can see what we have to offer.

Outstanding solution for events and conferences

Events Plan and manage your event smoothly and easily

University Theme for School and College

University Great for education website

Free Portfolio Ghost Theme

Portfolio Responsive and free Ghost theme

Let us make a difference in your web design

Whether you’re building your first blog, setting-up an online store; establishing a community or promoting your business, there’s something right for you in our collection. Check out these other great reasons to become part of the Gavick's family:

Quick installs

Our custom quickstart packages will turn your empty server into a fully-functional, beautiful website in minutes. With just a few steps needed, matching our demo layout takes no time at all.

Third-party support

We support the popular extensions that users need, including K2 and EasyBlog for excellent article management, and JomSocial and BuddyPress for social network builders.

Completely customizable

No restrictions on customization means you can change images, plugins and even the code to your liking, for one-of-a-kind site layouts. Need to change CSS? Our provided override options make it easier than ever.

Modern designs

Each release takes on board the latest web design trends and innovations; whether your running a large business or a freelancer looking to get noticed you’ll be able to demonstrate your up-to-date values.

Responsive for mobile users

All our modern releases employ responsive design, so users on mobiles, desktops and tablets will all receive the same great experience across devices.

No requirements, no limits

All our subscription types give you total freedom to use all our products across as many domains as you wish; you don’t even need to tell us where you’re using them!

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24/7 customer service supported by professionals

Our team stands ready to assist you at all times. With multiple ways to get in touch, including forums, ticket system, live chat and telephone, you will always find what you need.

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Joomla offers flexible, functional website development

When you want a feature-rich yet simple to configure site, then this is the CMS for you. Packed with options and unprecedented control of your content, it’s an amazing platform to establish your site on. Read on and find out what it has to offer!

WordPress makes site creation a breeze

Building your online business doesn’t need to be a chore. WP simplifies the process so that even absolute beginners can get a site up and running in moments. Want to know how it works? Click on read more and find out!

What's Joomla, and what does it do?

If you’re building your website, then there are lots of factors that need to be taken into account; how do I create content, how do I format it, what features will my visitors want, how do I implement them etc...

It’s an astonishingly long list, and taking care of them all requires an eye for design and complex knowledge of web technologies and coding far beyond the basics of HTML and CSS, which is just too much for the average person to do. It works as the middleman between you and your site; it comes with a huge amount of features and layouts to make building your site and adding your content easier, with no programming knowledge required! By combining this CMS with our designs, you can create an original, effective site about any subject under the sun.

This is open-source, so anybody can jump in and contribute to the project, thus it’s always receiving new features and functionalities and will continue to grow as a platform for years to come, so there will always be something new to see and use.

Get high-quality

When you’re making a website you need quality. Rather than gamble your site’s features and security, take a look through our extensive collection of the themes for Joomla , made especially for our subscribers with painstaking attention to detail! We specialize in making products that are easy to use and customize in function whilst remaining contemporary, attractive and lightweight in design, yet they come with complex features and support for leading third-party extensions, such as JomSocial, K2 and EasyBlog.

Getting to grips with the stunning features included in our templates can take a bit of practice, so we’ve got a robust, effective and professional support network to help you get things moving, from detailed documentation to fast, clear answers from our developers. Our products cover a wide range of uses, so whether you’re a business customer looking to craft a beautiful showcase for your work or a fully-featured e-shop to sell directly to your customers, or a simple blogger wanting to put their thoughts out to the world, we’ll have a template that fits you like a glove and a subscription package that represents excellent value for money, no matter your budget.

We make free Joomla 2.5 templates

Currently there are 3 great free templates in our selection; Music Free, Meet Gavern, and our latest addition to the complimentary catalogue, Magazine. Each have been built to offer the same flexibility and options that our premium offer, so they’re an excellent way to experience the flexibility our framework and design offers without any obligation to buy a subscription. No restrictions, no ‘pro’ version; you don’t even need to register with us! Try them now and find out why we’re trusted by our wide range of customers to provide quality at every turn.

We’ve also got a selection of professional but completely free extensions that are used extensively in both our templates, though they are flexible and useful enough for you to use with any template you wish. This includes our flagship News Show Pro GK5 free Joomla module, that displays stunning article showcases from a range of different sources, Grid GK5, that displays other modules in a modern grid pattern that’s perfect for responsive sites, and Image Show GK4, a lightweight, easily-configurable slideshow module. Try them out now; you won’t be disappointed!

What's WordPress, and what can I do with it?

A CMS is like a middleman that takes care of the basic setup and running of your website and its design, so you can focus on creating content; no coding knowledge required, though a little HTML can go a long way!

How do I manage users? Can I post new content easily? How do I secure my site from hacker attacks and spam? All of these issues are addressed by WP, and there are additional plugins, often called widgets, that give you even more flexibility. By using our product, you can enjoy the enhanced options provided by our framework and widgets, all wrapped up in a beautifully-designed package to make your website stand out.

This CMS is free to download, and will continue to be so forevermore. It’s also open-source, which means that skilled programmers from across the world are able to contribute to its code to make it more stable and efficient while offering regularly-released new features, so your site will always be technically-advanced.

Only the best themes

Take a moment to browse our selection of the best WordPress themes, designed and released monthly just for our subscribers! We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest features and web technologies, which makes our designs modern, efficient and fast-loading without sacrificing the style needed to be an original. We also support popular free and paid-for extensions like BuddyPress, WPML and WooCommerce.

Our products are built to meet the needs of a wide audience with differing requirements, so no matter if you need a traditional blog theme to share your thoughts on, or have loftier ambitions such as building a community or selling products through an ecommerce store, we’ve got a professional WordPress templates to match, and thanks to the excellent value provided by our subscription options, you can join us no matter your budget. Our premium products are designed to be easy to install and simple to customize, but if you’re new to working with that, our robust support network will point you in the right direction with detailed tutorials and guides, as well as fast, effective answers direct from our developers in our forum. You’ll be on your way in no time!

We like free WordPress templates too!

It’s not all about premium; we also offer some freebies. Each of our two free WP themes, Meet GavernWP and Magazine, include all the great, robust features of our premium products, so you can get an idea of the quality that you’ll receive should you decide to subscribe.

We don’t just create great themes though; we also have flexible, powerful and of course free plugins. We use them extensively to make themes something special, but they are also available for you to download and use with any theme you desire. Why not try our flagship free widget, News Show Pro, that creates superb article showcases from multiple sources to help you create a dynamic frontpage, or Grid GK5, for displaying widgets in a modern tile-based grid; it’s responsive too, so if you’re looking for something to impress your mobile or tablet users, you can’t go far wrong with GK Grid.

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