Creativity Joomla Template: Changing the intro animation colors

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Creativity Joomla Template uses the Image Show module for intro effect. With Image Show GK4 module, you can create slideshow on a site which include various images, background colors and article fragments or texts defined by a user.


You can easily change background images or just color, especially if you’d use template quickstart.

  1. First, from the menu choose the Module Manager and find the Image Show GK4 module named Intro on placed on “intro” position.
  2. Second, Edit module, then choose Your slides Tab.
  3. Third, Click on first Tab -> in field Image: we input background color in hex code – change it to your color & use [Save] button to save the changes.


    Hexidecimal codes are the 3 or 6-character codes that are often used in HTML and CSS to tell the browser what colors to display. So for example, #FFFFFF is the color white and #90C140 is the green. More about HTML colors:



To this same thing with all slides you need to.

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