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Tabs GK5 tabular display module for Joomla

The Tabs GK5 module for Joomla! (2.5/3.x) is the next evolutionary step forward in the GavickPro solution to managing Web page content via tabs. With this module, you can implement space-saving tabs on websites and incorporate a variety of content types via modules or user-defined custom HTML code. This new version of GK5 introduces some… Continue reading →

Joomla Tabs GK5 module for Developers

Tabs GK5 Module code and notes regarding styling Our primary objective in producing the Tabs GK5 module was to simplify the HTML and JavaScript code. The use of HTML5 has opened up new possibilities for us. A key difference between the new Tabs module and the previous version (Tabs GK4) has to do with the… Continue reading →

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