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This is part 4 of a 4-part guide to installing a theme and preparing it to match our live demo layout. Links to the other parts of this guide are provided at the end of this article

Each theme we create at GavickPro comes packed with options for a range of features; you can define the fonts used by certain elements, adjust sidebar and inset positions and widths, add like and share social media buttons to posts and much more. Though the theme settings are not set by default, it is thankfully possible to import the theme settings using a .json file, which will save a lot of fiddling about.

To import, follow these steps:

  1. Before starting the import you’ll need to download the JSON file for your chosen theme; this may be found on the configuration page for the theme. Click here to open a list of configuration pages, and click on the theme you want; as an example we’ll use University:


  2. On the configuration page the first section after the introduction is called “Theme Settings”. There is a link in the second sentence of this section to the required JSON file (contained in the “available here” text).


    Note that if you click on this link it will open the file in your browser rather than downloading, so you’ll need to take an extra step to download the file:

    In Safari: Right or control-click on the link and select to “download linked file”. This will download the themeName_config.json, where themeName is the name of the theme (no surprises here!). If you want you may rename this to whatever name you wish, as long as the .json extension name is preserved.

    In FireFox: Right-click on the link and select “Save link as…”. The download dialogue box will open and the file name will default to “themeName_config.json”, so you can just download the file.

    In Chrome: Right-click the link and select “Save link as…”. The name wil default to themeName_config.json, though you may change the name if you wish as long as the file extension is left as .json.

    In Internet Explorer: Right-click the link and select “Save target as…”. The download dialogue box will open and the name will default to themeName_config.json, so leave this at it is and download.

  3. Now we have the file, we need to import it into WordPress. Log-in to your WordPress backend and click on the theme’s name in the left menu, then Import/Export. This will open the import tab.


  4. Click the ‘Choose file’ button and select the downloaded themeName_config.json.
  5. Click ‘Restore Template Settings’; after a moment a message will appear below the ‘Import Template Settings’ heading confirming that the template options were restored.

All template options are now set.

Widget Configuration

If you’ve been following our manual install guide, you’ve now installed the theme package and plugins, then imported the demo content and theme settings. Now all that’s left to complete the configuration of the theme to match our demo site is to place and configure the widgets for the particular theme you are using. To find the widget configuration information, visit our WP Themes Configuration Page and click on your theme to be taken to the widget configuration page, with information on the settings and widget placements needed to complete the demo layout.

Manual install guide links

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