Change colour of last button block in main menu

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Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:33 pm

I am using this template in J2.5

I need to change the color of one of the button blocks in the main menu

Take the demo for example, for the menu item 3rd party extensions i need to change the black block to another color, say blue in order to make it stand out.

Can anybody help me achieve this please? I am up against a very tight deadline here - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:57 pm
If its last element, then You could do:
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div.gk-menu ul.level0 > li.last > a, #gkDropMain ul > li.last > a {color: #3B3B3B;background: #FFF;}
div.gk-menu ul.level0 > li.last:hover > a, #gkDropMain ul > li.last:hover > a, div.gk-menu ul.level0 > > a, #gkDropMain ul > > a {color: #3B3B3B;background: #FFF;}

to set normal and hover color of background and text.
Add those lines to override.css and enable "use override.css" in template advanced settings.
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