Why my frontpage title is missing from the browser TAB ?

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Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:02 am

See here:


The pink arrow is for my question "Why my frontpage title is missing from the browser TAB ?"

Here is the website:

Then the red arrow is for the "SIGN UP" thing. I removed all the social widgets, and removed the login from the header. And it was all OK, but until I logged out from WP, then suddenly this "SIGN UP" appeared to webpage, and along with it came the header "paper" again. How can I keep the thing away? I do not want anything to be there , only the background texture above the navigation buttons, no torn-paper-header at the top of webpage.

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Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:02 pm

Regarding your questions:

1) Currently your page is getting the title tag from the theme SEO settings and probably some fields are blank in your settings - in this case I recommend to disable usage of the theme SEO settings in the theme options (tab "SEO" -> option "Use Gavern SEO Settings")

2) Please disable sign up link in the theme settings (tab "Basic" -> option "Register Link")
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