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Gavern Framework – Page Layout Part 2

In the second part we will focus on modifications of template’s code itself which allow to gain modifications impossible to achieve by changes made in administrative panel.

Gavern Joomla Template Framework – Page Layout Part 1

Page layout modifications is one of the basic operations made while working with templates. It is very wide subject, therefore it will be presented in two parts. In the first part, we will present Gavern Framework configuration options, then, in the second part, we will focus on programmatic part which allows to do everything which… Continue reading →

Extensions & Modules for Joomla! 1.7/2.5

At the moment, GavickPro makes available the following extensions for Joomla! 1.7/2.5: Image Show GK4 – a module which is the follower of Photoslide GK3 component. Thanks to built in images management, an additional component for creating showy slides displays is redundant. Tabs GK4 – a module which is the follower of Tabs Manager GK3… Continue reading →

eSport suffixes for NSP

eSport template has a few suffixes connected with work and the look of News Show Pro GK4 module:

G+ GK4 (Gplus GK4) Google+ profile display Joomla module

G+ GK4 is a module used to present profile information, to get more recommendations, and to grow your audience on Google+. This module allows visitors to connect directly and to promote your brand on Google+. With the module, data can be displayed in two ways: badge and icon with custom layouts.

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