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No input file specified error after quickstart install

If you receive the “No input file specified” error message on front-end after a Joomla (2.5/3.1) installation. It’s a problem from web-hosting and is popular on Godaddy servers, so please don’t blame quickstart or template.

Gavern 3.x – Layouts

One of the greatest changes in Gavern 3.0 is redesigned ‘Layouts’ tab. This part brings more functionalities and improvement user interface in managing template layouts. This Layout tab (section) is divided into four parts: Select device (desktop, tablet and mobile) Template width Template columns Sidebar override Template width option allows a user to specify width… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework for Joomla 3.x – Features

‘Features’ is one of the most advanced tab in template settings so we decided to divide it into several sections. First one is Logotypes and according to its name, it is related to logotype managing in a template.

Gavern framework for Joomla 3.x – Advanced Settings

In “Advanced Settings” tab it contains few options related to template performance – especially by cache settings. CSS cache option allows to limit data transfer for users who have visited our page previously.

Setting up reCaptcha in your Joomla installation

One of the features added in Joomla! 2.5 version in reCaptcha in core. If you have installed Joomla! in 2.5 (or Joomla! 3.2) version reCaptcha plugin should be visible in Plugin Manger view, but before you start configuring plugin settings you have to get captcha keys.

G+ GK4 (Gplus GK4) Google+ profile display Joomla module

G+ GK4 is a module used to present profile information, to get more recommendations, and to grow your audience on Google+. This module allows visitors to connect directly and to promote your brand on Google+. With the module, data can be displayed in two ways: badge and icon with custom layouts.

The Gavern Joomla template framework and its Responsive Layout

GavickPro has begun to release what we term ‘responsive layout’ templates.  This document explains the features of these templates. The new “Layout” section manages template settings associated with page design.  This is related to our new approach to template design whereby pages will now have the capability to scale up or down in order to… Continue reading →

Mobile Layouts in the Gavern Joomla Template Framework

Before RWD became popular in our templates we used mobile layouts. The requirements for mobile versions of Web pages are quite specific. To address this, we offer some template options specifically designed for the mobile version pages: Now, the mobile version loaded on iPhone and Android devices is not separated into two layouts but it… Continue reading →

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