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Learn about the file structure in our Joomla template rest_files packages

rest_files package includes additional supplies and extensions strictly connected with a particular template. Below, there is a typical rest_files catalog structure. It is common for templates for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.7/2.5 but if a template given does not include elements connected with a catalog given, then this catalog is not included in rest_files catalog.… Continue reading →

Installing the Joomla Typography plugin for Joomla! 2.5/3.x

A typography plug in is available in rest_files package in plugins catalog. In the case when we do not use a Quickstart package, it has to be installed separately. After installation, a new “typography” button under the editor should appear: Detailed plug in configuration is described in the following article: Gavern Framework – Refreshed Typography.… Continue reading →

Discover our Joomla Template framework’s file structure

Template’s files and catalogs structure presents as follows: Main catalog – there is a main template file, XML file in this catalog which describes a template and files of supporting views, such as: error.php or offline.php admin – a catalog with supporting elements of template’s form options elements – additional elements template’s form options css… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework – An alternative to the plugins

One of the major benefits of the Gavern Framework is the simplified manner by which code fragments can be created which work in a fashion similar to typical plugins during the onAfterRender event. This article demonstrates how to write a simple plugin.

OnePage layout Menu links in our Joomla templates

The one-page layout is one of the popular web design trends to have taken the Internet by storm in 2013. Obviously, single page websites have been around since the Internet became popular, but the graphic concept has evolved to create a better UX (User Experience). So, by using a top menu users don’t have to… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework – Page Layout Part 2

In the second part we will focus on modifications of template’s code itself which allow to gain modifications impossible to achieve by changes made in administrative panel.

Gavern Joomla Template Framework – Page Layout Part 1

Page layout modifications is one of the basic operations made while working with templates. It is very wide subject, therefore it will be presented in two parts. In the first part, we will present Gavern Framework configuration options, then, in the second part, we will focus on programmatic part which allows to do everything which… Continue reading →

Extensions & Modules for Joomla! 1.7/2.5

At the moment, GavickPro makes available the following extensions for Joomla! 1.7/2.5: Image Show GK4 – a module which is the follower of Photoslide GK3 component. Thanks to built in images management, an additional component for creating showy slides displays is redundant. Tabs GK4 – a module which is the follower of Tabs Manager GK3… Continue reading →

Our Joomla 3 extensions and what they can do

We at GavickPro don’t just focus on making paid-for Joomla templates; we also create a wide selection of Joomla products for you to download and use. From modules to plugins and even our very own Joomla framework, there’s a huge amount of interesting things to find. Let’s take a look at our extensive module collection.… Continue reading →

reCaptcha not showing and/or invalid captcha code in Joomla?

Over the last few days (November 2013) some users of Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.2 have noticed a recurring error when they are use the default ReCaptcha plugin. The form doesn’t show the default ReCaptcha box on the Contact view page, on the Registration page or even the GK Contact plugin.

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