Our Joomla 3 extensions and what they can do

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We at GavickPro don’t just focus on making paid-for Joomla templates; we also create a wide selection of Joomla products for you to download and use. From modules to plugins and even our very own Joomla framework, there’s a huge amount of interesting things to find. Let’s take a look at our extensive module collection.

Our Joomla module commitment: Open-source and free to download

Our templates serve a wide range of website types; from Ecommerce to Social Networking. To help us speed up the creation process and put powerful customization tools at our users fingertips, we’ve created a large amount of modules that cover a huge range of needs, every one open-source for you to download and use as you like, whether to beef up your own site or to apply to your own commercial template. Currently, we have the following Joomla 3-compatible modules available for use on our Joomla Modules page:

Extensions for Joomla 3

    News Show Pro GK5 – Our flagship module, News Show Pro creates amazing article previews, whether you want plain text links or complex image block previews with overlaid text, video popups and more. You can display items from a range of sources, including popular third-party extensions like VirtueMart, K2 and JomSocial.

  • Tabs GK5 – Does exactly what you’d expect; creates tabbed areas for you to fill with your choice of module content. However, there’s more to this module than you might think at first glance, with remarkable tab blocks that can be simple list items in the sidebar, or full-width content blocks like those seen in our Quark Joomla template.
  • Metro Grid – Built for the modern mobile-friendly website, Metro Grid can create responsive content tiles that adjust to fit the screen size. In-depth options let you exactly control the size of each block and how it should look on the live site at all screen sizes, and content from virtually any module can be added to the block for even more site diversity.
  • Social GK5 – Managing a strong social media presence online is a great way to market and promote your website. Social GK5 offers support for multiple social plugins to create Twitter feed blocks, latest tweets, Google+ links and Facebook page likes and shares; combined with the social API of our Gavern Framework and you have a strong media solution ready to go.
  • Weather GK4 – Simple and lightweight, Weather GK4 creates weather information blocks for the location of your choice, with a set of clean, expressive icons to highlight each day’s expected weather. Choose from multiple display options to have full control of the block; display current weather, forecasts and more.
  • News Highlighter – A deceptively simple module that creates news ticker-style article highlights. It can automatically pull the latest stories from your chosen categories for a dynamic page element, plus there’s a multitude of style options so you can get a look that matches your site aesthetics.
  • Image Show GK4 – A flexible slider module that has a wide range of styling options beyond the standard slider look, having been used to create multiple different layouts in our templates such as the large background slideshow in Game, or the animated slides of Creativity. With multiple settings for transition animations, pagination and image sizes, Image Show is a complete slideshow tool.

Each of these modules is available for both Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5 if you have yet to migrate, but we heavily recommend upgrading to Joomla 3 as soon as possible; it’s an incredibly stable release and Joomla 2.5 is no longer officially supported, so there won’t be any major feature updates for this version of the CMS. Also, remember that you may download and use these modules at no cost on any Joomla website; you don’t need to be running one of our professional templates, so if you just want to give them a try to see what kind of things you can achieve, then go nuts!

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