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Changing your Gavern Joomla framework website’s logo

In Gavern Framework, we improved options connected with website’s logo significantly. A logo is used in a few places and forms. It has to be remembered that except a website, a logo is used on e.g. a printable version of a website. Most of typical options can be specified from a template’s options level.

Customizing your Joomla template logo

The Company logo is the most visible and recognizable symbol of brand. It should appear on every piece of communication — from the basic internal memo through to the website and everything in between. The corporate logo should always be placed in an unobstructed area on a clean, clear, solid background that provides maximum clarity… Continue reading →

Modifying your WordPress site logo

Many of our GK themes display by default Template Title as logo added using CSS styles. But you can change your site title in Template Name → Template Options then select Theme Branding. Select Image logo from Theme logo type option. Click Upload Image and browse for the logo file on your hard drive. Once… Continue reading →

Gavern Framework for Joomla 3.x – Features

‘Features’ is one of the most advanced tab in template settings so we decided to divide it into several sections. First one is Logotypes and according to its name, it is related to logotype managing in a template.

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