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Guide to manually install Joomla 3

Joomla! is a Content Management System based on PHP 5.3+ and MySQL or PostgreSQL database. If you want to test Joomla! and you haven’t purchased a domain and server yet, you can install Joomla! on your own computer (without your site appearing on the Internet), using the standalone server environment, for example: JAMP, JOOMLAS2GO! (J2G)… Continue reading →

Joomla basics: Installing the basic template package

You may have noticed if you downloaded a template from gavick.com, it came in a compressed form, for example gk_instyle_J!3. Joomla! can unzip and install this file online during installation process. Installing your Joomla 3.x template is, in most cases, achievable with a simple 3-step process. Follow along with the tutorial and see how easy… Continue reading →

Quickstart Installation Problems and How to fix them

Unfortunately, sometimes even the most carefully prepared quickstart package may cause problems, especially during a Joomla 3.x installation. That’s why we always suggest you use the latest stable versions of PHP (5.4+). In this manual you’ll find answers for most common problems during installation or after installation.

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