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Photoslide GK3 slide management Joomla module

Photoslide GK3 is a component for creating and managing groups of slides for the Image Show module. Detailed information about this component may be found in the Help File at the component download page. Image Show has three basic and universal styles. Additionally, every template for Joomla 1.5 has an individual Image Show module style.… Continue reading →

News Show Pro GK4 article showcase module for Joomla

The News Show Pro module establishes a Web page’s structure and content layout. It’s extended properties may be used to create a simple image gallery based upon article images. News Show Pro GK4 supports the following extensions: K2 – it is fully compatible regarding the presentation of articles and allows articles to be chosen based… Continue reading →

Installing the Joomla Typography plugin for Joomla! 2.5/3.x

A typography plug in is available in rest_files package in plugins catalog. In the case when we do not use a Quickstart package, it has to be installed separately. After installation, a new “typography” button under the editor should appear: Detailed plug in configuration is described in the following article: Gavern Framework – Refreshed Typography.… Continue reading →


JomSocial is a very popular 3rd-party component useful in establishing social networking / community services based on a Joomla website. This component has supported Joomla 2.5.x since JomSocial version 2.2. This is not a free component. However, for subscribers to GavickPro template packages, we offer a code which discounts the cost of the JomSocial component.… Continue reading →

Extensions & Modules for Joomla! 1.7/2.5

At the moment, GavickPro makes available the following extensions for Joomla! 1.7/2.5: Image Show GK4 – a module which is the follower of Photoslide GK3 component. Thanks to built in images management, an additional component for creating showy slides displays is redundant. Tabs GK4 – a module which is the follower of Tabs Manager GK3… Continue reading →

Our Joomla 3 extensions and what they can do

We at GavickPro don’t just focus on making paid-for Joomla templates; we also create a wide selection of Joomla products for you to download and use. From modules to plugins and even our very own Joomla framework, there’s a huge amount of interesting things to find. Let’s take a look at our extensive module collection.… Continue reading →

G+ GK4 (Gplus GK4) Google+ profile display Joomla module

G+ GK4 is a module used to present profile information, to get more recommendations, and to grow your audience on Google+. This module allows visitors to connect directly and to promote your brand on Google+. With the module, data can be displayed in two ways: badge and icon with custom layouts.

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