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Modify your Joomla template colors to suit your branding

Each of us have a vision of ideal web page, the concept for customization of chosen GK template. You need some CSS knowledge and know where to add Custom CSS into template to make those changes. Choosing effective, appropriate, and harmonic colors contributes quite a bit to the overall success of your Joomla! page. In… Continue reading →

Adding or Deleting Joomla Template Styles

Sometimes you would like to delete all the GK template styles that come with default Gavick Joomla Template and replace with your own custom one. Sure you can use override method but if you sure that can can control later update process in my opinion the easiest way is modifying the existing template styles. It… Continue reading →

Joomla basics: Installing the basic template package

You may have noticed if you downloaded a template from gavick.com, it came in a compressed form, for example gk_instyle_J!3. Joomla! can unzip and install this file online during installation process. Installing your Joomla 3.x template is, in most cases, achievable with a simple 3-step process. Follow along with the tutorial and see how easy… Continue reading →

Renaming Joomla template folders on your server

Since Joomla 1.5 there have been big changes in the Joomla! Template Manager. Right now you cannot rename a folder by using FTP to change its name, because information regarding the folder is stored in different locations. This is because the Joomla! template is treated as an extension, so some information is in the database… Continue reading →

Using simple CSS rules to modify your Joomla template design

Some changes can be made via template configuration (info) but some not. So you will probably ask: How can I change the space between elements (paddings & margins), font size or capitalization of article titles in GK template(s) – these are a common questions during template customization, sometimes asked by your client. To answer them,… Continue reading →

A guide to manual Joomla template installation

With so many options and customization possibilities in Joomla installing a template manually can be a time-consuming yet rewarding task. Of course, there are alternative options such as our Quickstart package, which will help you get a full Joomla site that matches our demo layout and functionality in minutes. However, these full Joomla install packages… Continue reading →

Gavern 3.x – Layouts

One of the greatest changes in Gavern 3.0 is redesigned ‘Layouts’ tab. This part brings more functionalities and improvement user interface in managing template layouts. This Layout tab (section) is divided into four parts: Select device (desktop, tablet and mobile) Template width Template columns Sidebar override Template width option allows a user to specify width… Continue reading →

Images from the Joomla demo site not included with the quickstart template package?

Yes, we don’t include in our Quickstarts packages photos from Template Demo. Instead we have included placeholder images (blank “GK DEMO”) for each instance. We we assume that our customers have their own pictures, which better fit to their project goals. Presented images are not licensed to be distributed with the Gavick Quickstart.

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