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Joomla Image Show GK4 Slideshow Module

Image Show GK4 – a slideshow module for Joomla! (2.5/3.x), using it you can create an attractive slideshow on a site which include various images and article fragments or texts defined by a user. You can enable Random slides order or use manual order. Module is mobile compatible & responsive design (adapts the image to… Continue reading →

News rotators with the Highlighter GK4 Joomla module

HIGHLIGHTER GK4 – is a simple Joomla! module for making a rotator for article headers. This is ideal solution for News websites to present short informations (for example, the results of football game) from Last Minute. Here are a couple of sample implementations:

GK JomSocial Members module for Joomla

As with the GK JomSocial Stats module, GK JomSocial Members is used with templates designed to work with the popular JomSocial community-building component for Joomla. This module is used to present brief information from user profiles. It looks as follows:

News Show Pro GK4 article-showcase Joomla module

News Show Pro GK4 is a complex module for presenting content. Thanks to extended options, it allows to adjust content look very easily. Basic module settings are in “Basic Settings” tab: Except specifying module suffix and ID, we can specify module width in per cents and define font size to Basic size. The next group… Continue reading →

Social sharing with the Joomla GK JomSocial Feed component

We have created a new module called “GK JomSocial Feed” for the very popular social networking component JomSocial. This fully responsive grid extension for Joomla! allows you to show a profile photo with the current status from JomSocial in a module position. It allows you to implement space-saving blocks on websites and incorporate a variety… Continue reading →

Make use of the wide range of module positions in Joomla templates

A Joomla! page may consist of a few modules and a component. These modules have certain positions. Module positions are placeholders in a template, regardless of the Joomla! versions. They identify positions within the template and tell the CMS application where to place output from modules assigned to a particular position. The templateDetails.xml file (located… Continue reading →

A guide to installing and configuring a module in Joomla 3

Although Joomla! 3.x comes with 26 built-in modules by default, with new extensions you can add entirely new functionalities to your site with just a few clicks. Thanks to the constantly growing community of Joomla! users and developers, there are literally thousands of extensions, and a large part of them are modules that you can… Continue reading →

Highlighter GK5 Joomla module

Highlighter GK5 is news rotator for Joomla! which allows to present chosen articles headers in an attractive way, using different effect like fading, scrolling and many more. Thanks to multiple options, users may adjust it to their needs. Additionally, Highlighter GK5 can be integrated with any source of information.

G+ GK4 (Gplus GK4) Google+ profile display Joomla module

G+ GK4 is a module used to present profile information, to get more recommendations, and to grow your audience on Google+. This module allows visitors to connect directly and to promote your brand on Google+. With the module, data can be displayed in two ways: badge and icon with custom layouts.

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