Another, better view of events in the JomSocial Joomla extension

Certainly I got bored with the standard view of how events are presented in the component JomSocial. Fortunately, now you can present them in a more natural way – in the calendar view.

Events Calendar for JomSocial

Events Calendar for JomSocial, created by Andrew Peeling – can display events created in the JomSocial community component in an events calendar module. The calendar uses the jQuery library and loads events via AJAX, only loading what events it needs to display at the time. This helps cut down on server load and speeds up loading of the module.

Features of this module include:

  • Loads JomSocial events via AJAX
  • Option to limit the calendar to display only public events
  • Option to limit the calendar to display only certain event categories
  • Assign different colors to different event categories
  • Change the look of the calendar via CSS or a jQuery Themeroller UI theme
  • Choose which calendar views and buttons are available
  • Choose the displayed time format
  • Ability to translate displayed words from the module’s configuration.

I admit that such a module I’ve been waiting a very long time. From what I know, other development companies that have offered their own calendaring extension for Joomla! also working on it. And it is a good chance that this month the competition will grow. What does not change the fact that Andrew was the first.

In package with module you will find a manual with tips like: “How to make event categories display in different colors” or “How to create a Themeroller theme”. I helped test this module, so I think it works.

By the way, Events Calendar module code was based on Adam Shaw (developer from San Francisco) full calendar script fullcalendar .
Thanks guys

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This article was first published February 13th, 2011