New version of the Gavern Framework for Joomla templates released

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version – 3.8/2.15 – of our tremendously useful Gavern Framework. This version includes several fixes for particular templates, but also few new features. Note that all of our templates have been updated to Joomla 2.5.9/3.0.2 and support version 2.6.5 of K2, the latest release available at this time.

What comes with a new Gavern Framework

Great changes have been made to the GavickPro Open Graph Plugin. By default, the plugin works on K2 items and Joomla article pages using the additional parameters tab. The Open Graph plugin now works as a system plugin, meaning it is now possible to add og: tags to any Joomla page. With this functionality in the plugin configuration page, you can now see new fields (exactly as in article view), but with this one you can specify global Open Graph settings which will apply to all pages except K2 items and articles.

Open Graph Plugin

All of our responsive templates – apart from Music Free and Fashion, where we use masonry layout — gets a new option called ‘Disable Responsive Layout’. This feature has been highly requested on our forum and support system. We have heard you and now you can easily disable queries for the medium upon which the Web page is displayed. This is possible through the use of a simple on/off switcher. When the responsive layout option is disabled, the site will display exactly the same on all devices regardless of screen resolution.

responsive templates

Bug fixes:

  • Publisher – fixed a problem with a notice message about columns_mode variable.
  • Fest – fix for small jumping effect in Speakers mode.
  • All templates – small fix for huge white space in K2 item view; fixed problem with current_ url variable which may cause creation of millions of fans in social API area

Other improvements:

  • improved styling for list elements in K2 and VirtueMart view
  • small corrections in mobile menu script in responsive templates.
  • error/offline page logo URL corrections.

Many files have been modified as a result of the above fixes and enhancements, making it very important that you overwrite all template files on your site for a complete template upgrade. You will find the new updated GavickPro Open Graph Plugin in the rest_files package available on the template download page.

Please, do remember to make a backup copy!

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This article was first published February 13th, 2013