Development plans for the Gavern Joomla template framework

One of the templates released after Joomla! 3.2 edition will introduce the Gavern Framework v.4.0 version. The fourth generation of our framework brings several changes in and better unification between Joomla! 2.x and 3.x templates.

Gavern Framework Development Plans Our first goal is to provide full Bootstrap support for components and extensions prepared for Joomla! 3 while the template structure and layout will be still created by using our CSS code. We want to keep bootstrap styles for 3rd party extensions but still not to use this hardly customized part of CSS code. Thanks to this, users will have an option to load Bootstrap code when it is necessary or leave template styles only.

We are also planning to rebuild template settings completely to make it similar to Meet Gavern template back-end. Module position management will be based on Layout Manager where you can easily configure the amount and size of modules on template position. Layout Manager also supports an option to set different modules amount and size depending on a mode – desktop, tablet or mobile. We want to simplify Gavern framework features, make them much clearer and user friendly, due to this fact we will probably remove a part of unused features or replace them with the new ones.

Templates based on Gavern v.4.0 will also support LESS, likewise it is supported in Meet Gavern template now. LESS will simplify template’s customizations as we will also ensure an option for changing these values easily that are saved in LESS variables. Fourth generation of the GavickPro framework will use PHP LESS parser and we want to provide an option to enable CSS parse mode for ‘development mode’ only or just for recompiling code once after several customization changes.

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This article was first published August 28th, 2013