Joomla 4 and Joomla framework 2.x: major updates

Since the release of Joomla 4 alpha version, there are many new changes implemented in Joomla 4 like new media manager, a new user interface for the backend, bootstrap 4 integration and many more. One of key change is the Framework of Joomla 4, in details, Joomla 4 will use Joomla Framework 2.x that is a new framework (Joomla 3 uses Joomla Framework 1.x). In this blog post we will focus on more details and features of Joomla! Framework 2.0

Joomla 4 and Joomla framework 2.0

1. Backward Compatibility

Joomla framework 2.x will come with major updates of Backward Compatibility that may smash the already used extension on Joomla sites as well as the for the whole site. The new Joomla required PHP 7, MySQL 5.5.3, PostgreSQL 9.2, SQL Server support also wipeout.

End of PHP MySQL-

In Joomla 4 framework PHP ext/MySQL driver no longer supported as it also removed from the PHP 7. Now the Joomla 4 using MySQL extension. You can also use MySQL PDO driver when u create a database for Joomla installation. If Joomla fails to find the required extension, the installation will not move to next step.

New Features

In Framework 2.0 there are many new features implemented. Here is some list of the features that getting the focus in this release.

  • Refactored Router and session packages
  • Dependency injection package
  • Cache package with support for PSR-6 and PSD-16
  • Cache interface
  • New console package to build command apps
  • Support for templates rendering with popular PHP libraries.

Features Under Plan

  • Refactored Keychain package to use the Crypt package
  • OpenSSL Crypt cipher
  • Renderer support in the Profiler package
  • PSR-7 support in the URI package

This article is based on the Roadmap shared by Joomla Here and the features may add or removed from framework depends on development.

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This article was first published December 29th, 2017