Komento – A New Comment Extension for Joomla

I thought nothing could surprise me on the subject comments functionality for Joomla 2.5 – but I was way wrong! I am pleased to have discovered a wonderful new extension called Komento. It is a product of StackIdeas, the team behind the popular blog component, EasyBlog.

The Komento component is a new and powerful comments system boasting unique features, such as geo-location tagging, sticky comments, avatar integration, extended access control lists (ACL), and much more.

Let’s through its features back-to-front:


All icons are clear and clearly described, causing that you do not feel lost. Of course Komento supports Joomla 2.5 ACL so you have access to Options icon.


In the Settings section you will find many options to configure the appearance and behavior of many elements. Unfortunately, the current version (Beta 1) does not allow you to select which categories are to be contain comments. This will probably be corrected in a future release.


The component includes many anti-spam options, such as: Akismet integration, flood control, word censoring, capcha code, and a ‘report spam’ button on the front-end.


This extension has options useful in customizing the appearance of a comment form.


Komento comes with Access Control List management functions which permit site administrators to restrict what commentors can and cannot do. It is a good chance that this component will be one of the best in a few months, provided of course that will be elaborated. Also missing modules.

More info you will find on blog: stackideas.com

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This article was first published April 19th, 2012