Managing files from Joomla back-end

One of the latest components is AceFTP. This is fast and lightweight file manager component.

Managing files from Joomla back-end

In many cases, can replace an external FTP client, except that helps you add more files (eg images, attachments) into Joomla directory. The component is a bit like a popular component eXtplorer, OSE File Manager or NinjaXplorer (works only with J1.5) – but in comparison it is lighter and less powerful.

But this you can use him to browse folders, create, edit, copy, move and delete, search, upload, download files, Zip / UnZip files and folders and much more.

Honestly say that for me the biggest advantage of this extension is two issues: full compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and earlier versions of CMS and it’s very quick & small tool. I miss the most the numbering syntax of the code in edit mode.

JoomlaAce also has in his collection of products other known components worth recommending.


This article was first published April 4th, 2012