Meet Gavern comes with the new Layout Manager, Font Awesome, K2 and Joomla Tags support

Hot on the heels of the recent release of Joomla! 3.1, we bring to you an exciting Meet Gavern update. This latest version (1.2) contains many new features. The first enhancement is a brand new Layout Manager. This special template block manager enables you to achieve flexible template layouts based upon whether the device is a tablet, mobile and desktop. In short, this new field allows you to customize the layout in every mode and to choose completely different module positions, which was not possible previously.

Adapt Joomla template layout for different devices

layout manager-copy

For example, the top1 position can display 6 modules per row in desktop mode and 3 modules on tablet view. Also, every module position can be set to a different width. We use the Bootstrap grid system so you can choose the width for module positions from 1 to 12. Right now the creation of modules with differing widths in a single row is easy. You can create modules with many configurations – just remember the maximum possible width of modules per row is 12. With Layout Manager create structures for module positions like :

top config

and completely change this layout for dekstop mode. You can also create different layouts by saving the current template settings using the built-in configuration manager. Then, simply duplicate the template and use it for totally different page views.

mobile desktop tablet Layout Manager also supports sidebar width and position. You can specify left or right side for sidebar area and change the width dynamically in relation to the mainbody area. Layout Manager allows you to import configurations from different blocks to save time and to specify a default module width — used when you add more modules to a module position than was specified in Layout Manager. We don’t forget about the default Joomla! Settings; we’ve also included an option to set module width directly in module configuration and disable Layout Manager for some positions.

Template option panel now more intuitive and user-friendly

In Gavern 1.2 you will see a new layout for administrator features. We’ve decided to make the template options more intuitive and user-friendly; to that end, we’ve divided them into several tabs. Part of fields are removed – many of them are now included in Layout Manager, other ones are moved to proper tabs to make administration clear and simple.

In the template’s CSS styles we have removed “!important declarations for base Bootstrap classes to avoid problems with 3rd party extensions and avoid overriding default Bootstrap styles”.

Added support for Tags Joomla component

Due to Joomla! 3.1 changes, we have added support for the Tags component. The default Tag Cloud (List of all tags) has been modified. We have moved tag description, images and hits to bootstrap pop-up to achieve a more compact view.


Meet Gavern supports now K2 component

Another important change is related with K2 component. As you may notice, all of our templates support K2 and, since v.1.2, Meet Gavern too.

Use Font Awesome in your theme

Last (but not least!) is support for Font Awesome. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. Available icons and related classes you can check on Typography page.

The very latest version of Meet Gavern is available on the GitHub repository and may also be found in our download section. Due to many changes in template and framework we advise to create a backup before performing your update and to overwrite all files via FTP connection.

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This article was first published June 17th, 2013