Our Meet Gavern Joomla template framework has been updated to v.1.3

It’s time for the next version of our framework – Meet Gavern v.1.3. The newest version contains mostly new options such as: login pop-up, sidebar options override, variable-based font sizes, and corrections submitted by our users on our official GitHub repository.

The most important change at the template administrator level is Sidebar override, a new option that allows personalization the sidebar’s position, depending on the option (e.g. com_k2) or menu item ID – ItemID (e.g. 101). The new sidebar’s options allow not only changing its width but also its position (left, right). Due to the new functionality, the sidebar’s appearance in Layout Manager window has changed: a selection of the Override option shows a list of rules created; there is an option to add new rules or remove the existing ones.

Meet Gavern Theme Override Option

Another change is the addition of a login pop-up, known from our commercial templates. The login pop-up uses native components of Boostrap and the username-less login option.

popUp-logged kopia The login pop-up functionality is further expanded with the option of inserting the user’s own module, e.g. a menu that can contain option related to the user’s current access rights. With this new template, Meet Gavern gained a new module position named usermenu.

In order to simplify the font modification in a template, we have decided to base all the font sizes on two variables:

     @baseBodyFontSize: 13px;
     @baseHeadersFontSize: 20px;

The first one, @baseBodyFontSize, specifies the base size of the default fonts for the template. Modifying this value in the less/variables.less file will convert all font sizes except for headers. The base size of headers is defined by the @baseHeadersFontSize variable, which is responsible for H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 items and other defining headers in a template, as well as supported components.

compileLess Modification of .LESS files will be made significantly easier with the Compile LESS to CSS option, represented by a button on a template’s option bar. Until now, in order to override CSS template files based on the LESS code, it was necessary to select the ‘Recompile LESS’ options in the ‘Advanced settings’ tab. Enabling this option forced the users to run a compilation of LESS to CSS on each visit. This significantly affected the site’s performance in cases when this option was not disabled following the completion of all work with a template. The new button enables a one-time change of LESS to CSS without having to enable and disable the ‘Recompile LESS’ option.

The very latest version of Meet Gavern is available on the GitHub repository or may also be found in our download section. Due to many changes in template and framework we advise to create a backup before performing your update and to overwrite all files via FTP connection.

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This article was first published September 19th, 2013