New Technologies in Joomla 4 and its Benefits

Joomla 4 will be an evolution in Joomla series with great improvements, There are different new technologies used in the Joomla 4 like PHP 7, Integration of Bootstrap 4 and bootstrap 5 , sass, MVC layer, Orthogonal component structure that gives it new experience, In this blog post we will discuss about the new technologies used in Joomla and their benefits. New technologies in Joomla 4

1. PHP7

PHP7 is widely used by Hosting Providers due to its advantages over the lower version of PHP, Joomla 4 will also use PHP 7 and it will be the minimum requirement to run a Joomla 4 site. The websites those use PHP fast and used half of the memory consumption on the server and more secure. Return type declarations are also supported by PHP 7 that helps developers a lot.

2. Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for building responsive websites. Bootstrap is a major improvement in Joomla 4 that make it powerful. Till now Joomla was using Bootstrap 2 version, that is also popular and widely used, but with time, the changes in the Joomla 4 and its later versions will stay up-to-date with the latest Bootstrap version to prevent conflict and backward compatibility issues. Joomla 4 integrates Bootstrap 4

3. Joomla 4 and Bootstrap 5

Joomla 4 has been introduced with bootstrap 4 support and all the beta versions till date released with the BS4 version. In a recent announcement by Joomla team Joomla 4 stable version will support Bootstrap 5.


Saas files are not been used before in Joomla, implementation of SAAS in Joomla w4 will give it more flexibility with less amount of style codes  Joomla 4 is developed with SASS

5. NO Mootools

In Joomla 4, MooTools will be removed that reduce the conflict issues and make the working of the system more flexible.

6. MVC layer improvement

Since the Joomla 4 comes with less amount of codes that improves the working and stability of the system. Improvement in MVC layer in Joomla 4 will give it another future, Now the Extension, components will only be used to implement its own core functions and rest will be used from the system. “Command bus” will be used by developers to simplify the functionality.

7. Orthogonal Component Structure

What is the Orthogonal system in Joomla? An orthogonal structure is when two different types of the components will distinguish. This will be divided into two type: Vertical and Horizontal. The Vertical component has users, content and contacts on the other hands the horizontal system has Version, tags, Translate.

8. Joomla 2.0 framework

Joomla 4 introduces framework 2.0 with some great features like
  • Refactored Router and session packages
  • Dependency injection package
  • Cache package with support for PSR-6 and PSD-16
  • Cache interface
  • New console package to build command app
  • Support for templates rendering with popular PHP libraries.
We here at Gavick regularly testing our products to make them ready for Joomla 4 with its new features. Every weekend we also updating our templates update for Joomla 3.8.3 that is the latest stable version of Joomla at this time.

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This article was first published December 21st, 2017