Our News Show Pro GK5 Joomla module now supports Easy Blog!

We have released the new version of the News Show Pro GK5 module – v.1.3. The main feature in this version is support for the great Easy Blog component. We have a special 15% discount prepared exclusively for our members on all Easy Blog licenses! NSP GK5 supports posts, categories, tags and authors from this awesome extension for Joomla!.

News Show Pro GK5 now supports Easy Blog!

Additionally, News Show Pro GK5 module supports another great component from StackIdeas – Komento which easily integrates with Easy Blog, K2 and Joomla! com_content core component. You can use Komento as data source for the comments counters in information blocks.

1.3 version also ships with a few other important improvements:

  • An option for displaying one article from each selected categories have been added – it is a great option if you want to display latest articles from a few categories,
  • Pagination interface fully CSS based, so changing it is easier as never before,
  • In the Article Formats, a few new tags for K2 items have been added: {TAGS}, {VIDEO_HTML} and {CATEGORY_IMAGE_SRC}, additionally the {DATE} variable now gets format from information block settings.

What’s next?

In the next versions of the NSP GK5 module, we plan to implement more supported components and more features useful for our users. If you have any ideas – feel free to share them with us on the NSP GK5 official repository.

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This article was first published August 16th, 2013