One Item Reservation – The hunt for a robust, intuitive Joomla reservation extension

I thought I was mad, the number of extensions to the reservations is impressive, but look at them looking for a simple but useful tool is already a nightmare. Each producer praises your product on their own, peculiar way. By which you can lose a lot of time and money, because as has already bought it might be too late. Part of the expansion has a relatively low price, others have a price directly from space, although it does not offer up such advanced functionality. After long search hours, I know that the number of extensions does not reflected in quality.

I was looking for a component that could simplify the process of reservations a conference room in our company, so that registered users are able be reserved. Sure I could use the regular calendar, and probably would do it, but I found JONGman. This is a native Joomla! 1.5 extension, a reservation system based on PHPScheduleIt. Although not all of PHPScheduleIt features were ported, but many of them were as well as part of codes. In Jongman, you can create resources and group them to one calendar schedule which shares many properties.

JONGman control Panel

User can make a reservation on resource in a single day or multi-day period as well as repeat his/her reservation in many formats for example repeat every X day until end of August 2011 etc.It has lot’s of features like: support for multi-day reservations and e-mail notification on new, modification or delete of reservation.

I know that Jongman is still in Beta, and should be use only for testing but it’s works. Of course I had a little problems, and I had to turn off Remove Mootools Conflict in System – jQuery Library plugin because there was bug when I tried to publish Accordion Menu.

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This article was first published June 2nd, 2011