Pawel Frankowski

Pawel Frankowski

Knowledgeable and helpful, Pawel is a Joomla expert with a wide-ranging set of technical skills. After gaining a degree in Law at the University of Wroclaw, Pawel turned his attention to the technical side of life, gaining experience as a project manager, freelance web developer and tech support. An old hand at Joomla!, Pawel was there from the start, even using Joomla’s predecessor, Mambo.

Not only prolific in terms of technical talent, Pawel has written extensively on Joomla, with 9 books published via Helion and Packt Publishing covering both broader web development and Joomla specifics.

Armed with this broad experience, Pawel provided GavickPro with an in-depth, robust documentation section on our website, covering multiple subjects at all levels, from basic installation guides to complex problem solving and customization. This has proven invaluable for our users, who have the resources they need to get the most from their website. When not actively writing documentation articles, Pawel could be found providing users in our support forum with friendly, efficient assistance with all their Joomla troubles, using his knowledge to solve problems and make recommendations for a smooth, comfortable user experience.

When working on his customer’s projects or writing a new article, Pawel can be found in his home office with his dog around his ankles or on his lap, making sure he’s getting things right. ln those rare moments where he’s got some spare time, he’ll be getting out and about; mountain biking, diving, hiking, or taking a break and cooking some asian-style dishes to feast on.

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